God Save My Child: Just Believe

God Save My Child is now a classic, written in 2013. This book is still a timeless faith igniter. It’s my first book and an autobiographical journey of my pregnancy with our son Guy T. Brown, III and the miraculous medical journey of his early years. Guy whose nickname is Tres, was born at 25 weeks with several medical issues and without vocal cords. He was not supposed to be able to speak- BUT GOD. He is now in college with a focus of being a famous broadcast journalist one day. 

My husband Guy and I were ecstatic that I was pregnant. We had high expectations -but we never thought to expect the unexpected. What we experienced before, during, and after the severely premature birth of Tres, will fill you with wonder and faith God.

More About God Save My Child:

Rich in heartfelt wisdom and insight, God Save My Child takes you on an unforgettable journey with these first naïve, unsuspecting parents who face a series of “impossible” situations concerning their child. Through it all, they are transformed into valiant warriors for their son, striding in the faith zone for his life, health and future. Their process, and the miraculous results, will inspire you to B.E.L.I.E.V.E. when everything you see tell you otherwise.

This book is for you and your child or to strengthen your faith in any situation you are facing. Beyond the Brown’s compelling story, it includes preparation for caregivers and final chapters for you, each with questions at the end, to help you believe God and receive the victory.

You Need to Read God Save My Child:
-If your child of any age is suffering from a life-threatening condition
-If you have been told your child might not make it or will live a limited life
-If you desire for your child to recover completely and be a living example of the power of prayer
-If you want to believe God can heal and perform His Word in your life.

The B.E.L.I.E.V.E. Journal: The Advantageous Acronym Approach to Trusting God is the companion to this book. It is based on the concepts Michelle learned throughout the process with Tres on a much more detailed level. Reading this story and the teaching points on faith Michelle shares will encourage you to use the B.E.L.I.E.V.E. journal to bring your desires into fruition.

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Guy, “Tres” is now sharing his story and speaking about the power of God. He can be booked to come to your church, school, program, or inspirational event.

You can reach Guy at [email protected]